Our Story

Two sisters born and raised in Paris. Aline was successful in stylist school while I, Sophie, was in medical school. But I was totally captivated by the impressionist artists especially Monet. I admired and was attracted by his flowers ,and his own way to use the light and colors. 

Then, I moved to Reunion Island in 1989. A place where Nature is so colorful and breathtaking, that you fall in love with it: Ocean, volcano, waterfalls, exotic flowers, fruits, and sand, Nature is so powerful and endless artistic inspiration source. During this time I worked in medical research. I also worked close to Nature, at the Botanic Conservatory Garden for the Pollen Calendar of Réunion Island (to prevent allergies.) Meanwhile, Aline experienced a pottery internship in Ardèche, France, and just loved it. This was the beginning of her true and deep passion for earthenware.

In 2000, Aline moved to Nice, in the south of France. She worked for 5 years in fashion trends and practiced a lot of pottery and eventually taught it. Meanwhile, I moved to Aix-en-Provence, where grapes, lavender, mimosa, and poppies grow everywhere. There, I did an internship to explore the use of colors and ocher pigments, and also accompanied painters in the tulip fields. It was just for fun but what a journey!

In 2006 Aline installs her ceramics workshop and pottery in the Berry countryside, where nature inspires her. Since then, weeds, herbs, vines and ivies become decorations of plates or cups or original designs for her jewelry.

In 2010, after 10 Years in Aix-en-Provence, working to improve therapeutics for my patients, I moved to Paris for research projects.

In 2013 life gave me the opportunity to move to New -York: How incredible is this city! Light is so intense and generous, colors are everywhere.

As an American dream, I decided with my sister's help, to make her work known beyond the ocean. So now, like a team, Aline and I are working together, sharing the same love for nature, colors, and beauty, and this makes us closer than ever. Aline teaches me her art and techniques for creating elegant colorful and delicate fashion jewelry. She guides me to use amazingly her original and delicate beads. We love each other so much that doing this project together is an immense happiness.

That's how this French savoir faire is now available in the USA.

Thousand Thanks

Because Ceralink is also a friendship and love adventure, let me thank for their help: to create this website and for their enthusiasm, my family et my friends.  Thibaud, Aline, Julien, Fred, Tamara, Astrid, Singsong girls, Anne, Isabelle Benjamine and Quentin. And I thank you, my first customers, who are also my friends to help me out becoming a healthy business in a not health area :-).